North West Business Training – the trusted training arm of Burnley College, the Number 1 College in England* – is focussing on how those working with children and young people can play their part in protecting their mental health and emotional wellbeing during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond.

While emphasis is placed on the physical safety and protection of senior citizens from the virus, the effect on the younger generation’s mental health – as they fear for their futures, miss out on vital social interactions and worry about their family’s health – has never been more concerning for those who work or volunteer in Health, Education or Social Care or the Third Sector.

With this in mind, North West Business Training is meeting these concerns head on and leading the way with specialist, expert-led training courses to give employers and employees, the skills, knowledge and confidence to support young people through these worrying times.

The new courses are:

  • Understanding Children and Young People’s Mental Health, a part-time course delivered online over 20 weeks, providing an Intermediate qualification and understanding of factors which may affect mental health, as well as how to offer support
  • Introduction to Person-Centred Skills, a part-time course delivered over three weeks, providing the basic skills, knowledge and confidence to effectively help and support individuals.

The courses have start dates in the weeks and months to come to fit in with your busy schedule, with discounts available. No prior entry requirements are needed to enrol on the courses and both can lead to additional study and training pathways if required to expand on the skills and knowledge gained.

Ashley Alderson, Manager of North West Business Training, said:

“Children and young people have seen an unprecedented upheaval in their way of life which can place huge stresses on their mental health and leave them struggling to cope or articulate their fears.

“Covid-19 has created a unique set of challenges in the workplace, from adapting established working practices to maintaining health and safety and keeping track of the latest Public Health guidance and tier system. And there continue to be many plates to keep spinning well into 2021. It’s crucial though, in the midst of all this upheaval, that all of us who work with children and young people never lose sight of what’s really important – their mental health, emotional wellbeing and development.

“As a professional, responsive business training provider, we are well aware that helping others is an integral part of so many of today’s job roles, whether it’s at the heart of your job description in the education or health and social care sector or if you’re in a customer service role. Having a qualification to recognise your skills – and the expertise and confidence to make a difference to someone’s life – is a great addition to your individual CV or workforce skillset which is why we are delighted to be delivering these courses.”

North West Business Training also offers additional training courses targeted at improving awareness of general mental health issues and providing the vital skills to support others with its established:

  • Mental Health Awareness – a one-day course currently delivered online providing an introduction to mental health conditions; stigma surrounding mental health issues; the importance of early intervention; how to instigate a conversation and signpost for help and also self-care.
  • Mental Health First Aid (accredited by Mental Health First Aid England) – a two-day course to provide you with the skills and confidence to identify, understand and help someone who may be experiencing a mental health issue. You will be able to listen, reassure and respond, even in a crisis – and even potentially stop a crisis.

Are you interested in joining one of our expert-led training courses to help the children and young people you meet in your daily life? Do you want to acquire the skills, knowledge and confidence that will make a difference with training from a reliable, trustworthy training provider committed to your success?

North West Business Training are here to cater for your business needs with integrity and innovation. To find out more visit our website; email or call 01282 733272.

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Published On: January 26th, 2021
North West Training