Ribble Valley Company, Cloud Sauce ®, has partnered with Silicon-Valley based Melissa Corporation to create the ultimate global adress finder app for Zoho.

With the massive increase in online purchasing over the recent years, companies need accurate address data within their CRM systems. Cloud Sauce recognised that need which led to them to create their new app. Their software now allows Zoho CRM users to find accurate street address
data for 249 countries worldwide.

Cloud Sauce has previously launched other apps for the Zoho marketplace. That experience helped them to develop the user interface and integration with Zoho. However, they needed access to street address data for it to work. By partnering with the Californian data company, Melissa Corp, they solved that problem and created a powerful new app using Melissa Corp’s API.

Cloud Sauce Managing Director, Dominic Harrington, said:

“Our partnership with Melissa Corp is an excellent example of how online business can work.

Not too many years ago, a small company in the Ribble Valley would have no chance of connecting with a US data company. But via modern technology, we’ve created a partnership that will benefit both companies on opposite sides of the Atlantic.”

Barley Laing, Managing Director of Melissa Corp UK had this to say:

“We’re very pleased to partner with Cloud Sauce. Operating out of our London office, we have provided our popular Address Lookup service which will be an invaluable addition to their app for Zoho.

Address Lookup which can be integrated quickly onto platforms and has a global reach, automatically recommends the correct version of the customer’s addresses, in real time, as they or a CRM representative complete an online contact form. It prevents inaccurate addresses being collected, and therefore helps to stop mis-deliveries of products and communications, which can increase costs and deliver a negative customer experience.

Address Lookup also speeds up the checkout process, reducing cart abandonment and overall improves CRM efforts.”

Both companies are planning to build on their partnership in 2021 with the development of more apps.

Companies worldwide are already installing the Global Address Finder app, available now on the Zoho marketplace. Further details are available at www.cloud-sauce.com.

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Published On: January 15th, 2021
Cloud Sauce