Boost; Lancashire’s Business Growth Hub, has partnered with two specialist coaches to offer 10-15 male business leaders in Lancashire fully funded wellbeing support.

The Male Mental Wellbeing Focus pilot will see Boost partner with Lee Chambers (Essentialise) and Graham Stuart (Imperative Solutions) to support business owners and managers facing challenges in their mental well-being and resilience so that they are more equipped to self-manage and plan their recovery in 2021.

The support will be fully funded by Boost, meaning there will be no cost to participants. It will commence in early January 2021 with a combination of online and group face to face workshops in a Covid secure venue, plus additional 1-2-1 bespoke coaching support.

Lee Chambers, psychologist and coach, Essentialise, said:

“I am thankful to Boost for giving me the opportunity to make a positive impact on the mental wellbeing and resilience of Lancashire’s leaders, at these times of great challenge.

There is no better time to address this and having the experience of Graham alongside me in delivery is invaluable, as we share the same values while having different skillsets.”

Boost Lee Chambers Essentialise

Andrew Leeming, programme manager, Boost, said:

“It’s been a hugely challenging year for the vast majority of Lancashire business owners and managers.

“Our #BoostYourRecovery campaign has helped thousands of businesses to begin to think about their coronavirus recovery but it’s important we also help the people leading those firms where possible.

“Statistics show men are far less likely to discuss their mental health and wellbeing. We’re proud we’re able to provide funding to support or male business leaders and we encourage those who believe they would benefit from support to get in touch with Graham or Lee.”

This support will cover areas including mental wellbeing, self-awareness, limiting beliefs, developing confidence, focus, direction, motivation, new thinking strategies, emotional intelligence, holistic psychological interventions and mental resilience.

For further information and to check your eligibility to join the Male Mental Wellbeing Focus, please contact Lee Chambers on
T: 07912 690856 or Graham Stuart on T: 07870 222771. You can also find out more from Boost here. 

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Published On: December 17th, 2020
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