B&E Boys commenced work in March on a major project for DSV, the global transport logistics provider. The project, which will be running for 40 weeks, is a complicated programme with several stages.

Approximately six months into the project, it seems an opportune time to give a progress report on how things are going.

The initial phase of this complex project involved the construction and fit-out of two-storey office extensions, both internal and external, to the existing accommodation. The site is situated nearby to the Manchester Airport hub in Wythenshawe, South Manchester.

In addition to the office extensions, extensive refurbishment work is in progress. This includes the existing central office staircase and the toilets and lift lobby. A range of necessary external works are to be carried out, and the existing car park has been extended.

Another stage of the refurbishment work includes the fit-out of the existing office accommodation.

‘New normal’

The project is on time and the entire programme has been carried in the ‘new normal’ environment of Covid-19 restrictions. Extra measures have been taken to ensure social distancing guidelines are fully adhered to, keeping staff and visitors to the site safe at all times. Of course, B&E Boys are no strangers to large-scale, complex projects of this type. The coronavirus restrictions are just another challenge to be met, and another set of problems that require solutions to be found for them.

Alternative suppliers were sourced to maintain a steady work flow despite lockdown. We worked with our supply chain to ensure that nobody was using unsafe working practices. If we identified anything unforeseen, the focus was always on providing solutions. The ‘core’ works were brought forward to earlier in the planned schedule. This meant that some of the more disruptive operations were carried out in the early weeks of lockdown when the building was less busy.

DSV Global Transport and Logistics

DSV Global Transport and Logistics provide and manage supply chain solutions for thousands of companies every day – from small family run businesses to large global corporations.

DSV is global, yet their presence is local and close to their customers. In all, there are 55,000 employees in more than 80 countries working passionately to deliver the great customer experiences and high-quality services that the company has become renowned for.

Working on the construction of an extension demands careful consideration and special qualifications. It requires dealing with areas of a building that remain in use while the project is underway. The construction site must be coordinated to ensure the least disruption and discomfort for the client. It is important that the day-to-day operations and work flows of the client can continue as unaffected as possible.

Minimising disruption

We were careful to liaise with the client to ensure that noisy operations and switchovers were executed ‘out of hours’ to minimise disruption. As usual, constant and effective communication and a strong work ethic have gone a long way to ensure the successful running of the project.

B&E Boys are thoroughly enjoying delivering another large-scale project on schedule. If you have a project in mind, please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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Published On: December 18th, 2020
B&E Boys