The Landmark discuss how their unique Burnley venue can help local businesses looking to project a good image.

When people encounter a business they’ve never heard of, the first thing they do is Google it.

The reputation of your business has a great deal to do with the image you project. Have you ever wondered what people think when you give them your business card? Or when a client looks at the contact us page of your website?

Doing business with a start-up is risky. That’s the simple fact of the matter, and it’s enough to put people off doing business with you. In the early days of your company you need to do whatever you can to prove you’re trustworthy and reliable. Things like having a domestic address for your main contact details doesn’t communicate the right message.

Project a good image

So what can you do? You need a dedicated office with a prestigious address, but without having to remortgage your house and spending the kid’s inheritance.

Some entrepreneurs, like James Caan who became famous on the BBC’s Dragon’s Den, start out conducting all their business meetings from coffee shops rather than invite clients back to a less than impressive office. It’s better than hosting a business meeting in your parents’ front room, but it’s far from ideal.

If you live or work around East Lancashire, there’s a better option. By working at The Landmark you’ll be part of a large business community, and you’ll get to put a prestigious address on your business cards. You’ll get access to a super modern co-working facility where you can meet clients and conduct business in an impressive location to be proud of.

Why would you rent a whole building when you can just rent the space you need? Save money by not paying rates, electric, gas, cleaners, receptionists…

You’ve invested so much time and energy into your business, you can’t be embarrassed to entertain clients or suppliers at your head office. So why not join The Landmark Business Club? From as little as ¬£20 a month you can give your clients the best possible impression of who you are and what you stand for.

Getting on in business means portraying the best possible image. Find out how we can help by calling 01282 940095 and arrange a socially distanced tour of our iconic building in Burnley town centre.

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Published On: November 18th, 2020