Fibre Optic FX Ltd, the North West fibre optic and LED lighting company, are excited to showcase their new COVID-19 busting lighting units.

Based in Great Harwood for over 20 years, Fibre Optic FX are industry leaders in supplying bespoke decorative lighting products for domestic, commercial, and industrial projects. The company have also recently acquired the UK and Ireland distributorship for ilmas, a premier Italian lighting manufacturer at the forefront of LED lighting design and technology – securing their place at the top.

In an exciting development, the firm have developed their offering to adapt to the unique world we have all now found ourselves living in by launching Sanix, a patented and energy efficient air-sanitising ceiling mounted unit. This state-of-the-art creation uses UV-C rays to kill viruses, bacteria, mold & fungus on direct contact – potentially proving to be a key tool in helping the country’s industries to get back on their feet again.

It will be great news for those craving the office environment too – impressively, one Sanix unit can sterilise 100 cubic metres to 99% in 8 hours. The design is compact too, making it a practical choice and an unobtrusive addition to areas such as workspaces, offices or even dining areas.

A dynamic company with innovative products and a fresh attitude to design, the firm boasts an impressive repertoire of previous projects, including supplying the Olympic games, luxury hotels and even the DVD premiere of film Avatar with their pioneering lighting options.

For more information, call 01254 888809 – a product data sheet & testing data can also be viewed at

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Published On: November 16th, 2020