New Vigilance Toolkit released for Businesses

2020 has been a difficult year for so many and we recognize that the business community has been hit hard, facing a variety of challenges in light of the pandemic, intensifying now that we’re in a second national lockdown. It is understandable that the risk of terrorism hasn’t necessarily been front of mind across the country, with COVID-19 changing all our day to day routines.

However, recent attacks in Vienna and France and the UK’s terrorism threat level changing from SUBSTANTIAL to SEVERE last week are stark reminders of how important it is to stay vigilant and report any concerns to police or local security staff immediately, wherever you are.

We have welcomed contact from businesses this week looking to ensure that they’re taking appropriate action having seen the threat level change in the news. We are here to offer guidance and support so you can assess and add to protective measures that are in place and reassure your staff and customers that you prioritise their safety.

Some of you have shared requests for communications materials you can use in the coming weeks, Counter Terrorism Policing has created an easy to use toolkit containing advice on security minded comms, internal and external assets to help you communicate effectively about countering terrorism with your staff and customers.

Our communications team is able to support you with specific tailoring of the assets and materials in this toolkit to ensure they are appropriate for your audiences.

You can get in touch with us with any queries or requests at: We know how busy your communications teams are with delivering regular communications internally about COVID19. We are here to help to make sure it is quick and easy for you to communicate about safety, security and countering terrorism.

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Published On: November 16th, 2020