What More UK, the Lancashire housewares manufacturer that exports to 75 countries around the world, has today come out in support of the Great British shopkeeper.

In a statement issued by company bosses, the firm acknowledges the 1600 plus independent retailers around the UK which have supported them from the early days right through to the current time.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic struck and the country was plunged into lockdown, Britain’s independent retailers have been some of the worst affected, but they’ve also been some of the first to respond with covid-safe adaptions to their business model.

What More company director Tony Grimshaw OBE explained:

“Britain’s independent retailers do this country proud. They’ve always been very active and by the very nature of their businesses they can move quickly and respond to changing situations. They don’t have boardroom meetings, decisions are made instantly at the pit face.”

“The independent retailers are the ones who gave their support to What More at its birth in 1999 and they will always hold a very special place within our company.”

Small local retailers were among the first to introduce COVID-19 safety measures like plastic partitions, sneeze guards, hand sanitiser stations and limits to the number of customers allowed in store at any one time. Such measures have gone on to become common place, and now are likely to be inscribed into law if the health crisis remains with us much longer.

Backbone of the country

This tribute to the local businesses and entrepreneurs that form the backbone of the country comes shortly after the wider government initiatives to encourage local shopping, like Eat Out to Help Out.

Shopping with independent retailers supports communities, creates much needed jobs, and boosts the economy at a local level. It also helps the environment and encourages more healthy lifestyles as people swap the cars in favour of much shorter journeys to nearby businesses.

What More UK is the owner of the very popular home storage brand, Wham. They also produce housewares of all kinds, including kitchenware and bakeware, gardenware, products for the home office, laundry and utility room.

For more information about What More UK visit www.whatmoreuk.com

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Published On: October 26th, 2020