Housewares manufacturer and pride of the North West, What More UK, has reported continued growth in bakeware and kitchenware sales, and lockdown is thought to be the raising agent.

At the start of the coronavirus pandemic What More announced a large increase in sales of its bakeware products.

At the time company bosses attributed the positive figures to the lockdown restrictions, but as the country has gone back to work sales of kitchenware products have continued to grow at an increasing rate.

What More company Director Tony Grimshaw OBE gave his analysis:

“We knew that more and more people are interested in home cooking, but the lockdown restrictions have accelerated the trend. Back in April the focus was on the bakeware, but now we’re seeing a wider interest covering our entire range of bakeware and kitchenware products.”

“Home baking is something you can do with your family. It’s a shared activity and that’s important during these times of social distancing, isolation, and loneliness. Homemade food brings people together, it makes families closer. Perhaps we’ll see a return to the traditional family values of sitting round the dinner table with a home cooked meal.”

He added:

“A bit of home cooked food is just what the country needs to stay healthy over the winter months.”

71% of us are now baking more than once a week

What More UK isn’t the only organisation to have noticed the trend. A recent national survey conducted by has revealed that 71% of us are now baking more than once a week compared with just 31% before lockdown. Back in July, trade journal The Grocer reported a 49% increase across the board in sales in the home baking category, with some individual figures far higher. Flour in particular was up by 113.2% from the previous year.

Company bosses are predicting further increases as we approach the festive season. What More’s retailers are already placing increased orders to cover the expected demand. In addition to that there’s the perennial effect of the Great British Bake Off now entering its 11th season.

Aside from Bakeware and Kitchenware, What More UK also produce housewares of all kinds including the home storage brand “Wham”, products for the garden like plant pots and troughs, and items for the home office, laundry, and utility room.

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