Recruitment company, Tailor Made Sourcing, say one of the outcomes as businesses move out of lockdown, has been a rise in temporary workforce as many workplaces are looking at how their wages bill is best spent post COVID.

Ben Rhodes, Director at Tailor Made Sourcing said: “Many employers are having a real conundrum at the moment with the word ‘recruitment’ being replaced with ‘unfurlough’. However increasingly we are finding that many companies are beginning to think strategically about who and where their historic wages bill is best spent.”

He said that COVID-19 has seen many organisations re-invent or change their businesses in some way – and in many cases they want to protect this newfound revenue stream.

He added: “In quite a few cases the forced circumstances to diversify and try a new project has led to companies gaining an appetite for ‘what else is out there?’.

“Taking that risk and making that change a permanent one is a big step to take and there are many things that need careful consideration. Do you invest more in marketing or automation, in a sales team or in production and efficiencies?”

As well as the obvious benefit of the quick acquisition of workers and therefore spending less time on the hiring procedure, hiring temps can undoubtedly bring some fresh perspectives to the company. Moreover, firms who engage temporary workers can reduce their overhead costs.

“For instance, our temporary staff recruitment service undertakes the recruitment and screening of applicants as well as job advertising, freeing up a lot of time for business leaders.

“Likewise, our in-house finance team takes care of the administration formalities by managing temporary workers’ payroll, employer’s national insurance, pensions, holiday pay, parental pay, Statutory Sick Pay and Agency Worker Regulation requirements.

“Business is changing, workforces are evolving, and if you decide to recruit, you need to partner with a trusted company to make the process easier.”

“If you don’t get things right before you part with the money the investment is likely to fail or not pay dividends.”

Ben warned that if you don’t get things right before you part with the money the investment is likely to fail or not pay dividends.

He said: “I have four top tips for those considering big changes within their organisation. Be prudent, understand the market and the competition, have a ‘get out clause’ in case the market moves again, and educate and inform your workforce so they’re supportive of the changes.

“It is not an easy time to be a business owner but planning and making decisions now about changes to your organisation may well be the difference between surviving and flourishing.”

With these points in mind, it becomes clear why the growth of temporary workers is on the rise. And the forecast is for it to continue, with many more employers seeking to drive business growth whilst ensuring they’re able to adapt more easily to the fast-changing and highly competitive market.

Published On: September 1st, 2020
ben rhodes