Bigtank Video Productions continue growth plan by recruiting new member of staff.

Lancashire based video production company Bigtank have recently taken on a new team member in the form of Mark Savage, who is joining the team as Brand Development Manager. At the beginning of the year, Bigtank began looking for a suitable candidate to join the company’s 6 strong team and after Mark’s decades long experience in a business development role he was chosen as the latest member of the Tank Crew.

Despite the Coronavirus pandemic briefly postponing filming productions, the plan for growth wasn’t halted and Mark has joined the team in a full time capacity and is already making an impact on the business, bringing new leads and injecting fresh ideas into the company.

Mark said: ‘I’m really excited to be a part of the team at Bigtank. Through my previous role in the automotive sector I was familiar with the great work they had done in this industry and had seen their wider video work online & it’s great to be able to work with a team that make superb looking films that have a commercial purpose.

Mark’s role will see him working with the production team at Bigtank in helping companies with a variety of needs from video marketing content to health and safety training.

“Lots of positivity in the wider business community”

Bigtank’s MD Rob Hallam said: ‘Within a couple of weeks of being in the office it was clear Mark was a ‘Bigtanker’. We’ve already seen an increase in engagements with the brand whether through virtual meetings or physical project proposals so it is very encouraging to see that not only are companies continuing to market themselves, there’s still lots of positivity in the wider business community after the last few months.’

Bigtank are celebrating their 15th year in business this summer and have worked with companies such as Frank Recruitment Group, UC Today, The NHS and Boost Lancashire to name a few this year.

Mark added: ‘Since joining Bigtank I have seen a shift in the kind of productions the team are working on, aside from traditional productions, virtual conferencing and awards ceremonies are becoming a popular thing in the current climate as they negate the need for personal contact. With our expertise in this area we can help companies create content that still looks fantastic but vitally has a positive impact on the audience. I’m from an industry where positive commercial results are of paramount importance so it’s an exciting time to be in this industry with a company that has such a high level of repeat work for happy clients and I’m looking forward to creating even more great opportunities with the team.’

To speak to the team visit their website or call 01706 587401.

Published On: August 11th, 2020