Record-breaking figures for renewable energy company

Lancashire-based Low Carbon Energy are witnessing first hand how businesses are challenging the ‘green-recovery’ plans.

The award-winning multi-service renewable energy company is seeing a large increase in businesses wanting to include clean energy in their sustainability plans going forward, in particular their solar panel solutions.

“It has been a very interesting time for us,” explains Gerard Ennis, managing director.

“On the back of a record breaking 2019, we are currently ahead of target for this financial year, even after a twelve week lockdown. Just last week, the team confirmed four new solar panel projects for a private hospital, a car repair company, an IT distribution company and a water treatment plant. It is definitely an exciting time for the renewable energy sector and one we should all be embracing.”

The new projects in the pipeline, totalling to 400KW of solar panels, will see Low Carbon Energy help businesses to generate approx. 360,000 KWh a year of green energy at a fixed price of less than 3p for the next twenty-five years. This will save over 1,428 tonnes of carbon emissions annually with an average return on investment in excess of 20%.

“Don’t undo one of the few positive side-effects of this devastating pandemic”

“As restrictions continue to ease in many parts of the UK, and in other countries across the world, I urge organisations not to undo one of the few positive side-effects of this devastating pandemic – namely, the relief it has provided for the environment. Right now we have a unique opportunity almost unmatched in modern history, to reshape our society in terms of the way we consume energy, building a fairer, cleaner and more resilient economy.”

“We have recently welcomed a new team member to the business, Danny Loftus. Danny joined us during the lockdown period as an additional project manager to help us with the increased demand for our solutions. All of us here at Low Carbon Energy are working tirelessly to help as many businesses as possible discover the benefits of renewable energy, and with the grants currently available, there has never been a better time to make the move over to more sustainable business model.”

Published On: July 29th, 2020