My name is Paul Schofield and I own an external cleaning company called Hoze-It based in Blackburn.

Prior to beginning Hoze-It up I served as a Police officer for 25 years with Lancashire Constabulary.

Hoze-It was conceived after jet washing my mother-in-law’s drive with a domestic power washer. After nearly a full day cleaning I concluded that there must be a better and easier way of cleaning. Several weeks of research later and I’d sourced some professional equipment, come up with the name and registered as a sole trader.

I’ll never forget our first paid job. A friend from school contacted us to have the front of his terraced property cleaned. Whilst not the biggest or most lucrative commission we would go on to have it was the first and I will  be forever grateful to Simon for the opportunity.

Two and half years on and how time has flown. We now have two more members of staff, 3 vehicles and just recently we have moved into our new premises.

Lockdown has presented its challenges. We had a self enforced sabbatical at the start of the pandemic before resuming with strict social distancing rules and correct PPE.

“Realising the need for regular cleaning and sanitising we purchased a fogging machine.”

We have also diversified slightly. Realising the need for regular cleaning and sanitising we purchased a fogging machine. We’ve carried out sanitising for local businesses in Lancashire ranging from a firm of Solicitors, to an escape room, a salon, a recruitment agency and a toilet tissue manufacturer all to enable them protect their staff and their clients.

We’ve also added a small road sweeper to our range of professional cleaning equipment. We had a competition to name our new addition with the winning name being Marlon after the ex Rovers player Marlon Broomes who according to Wikipedia was Rovers best ever sweeper. Marlon is available for hire to clean car parks and private industrial estates.

We have also been busy carrying out pro bono work for local deserving charities and some domestic clients. Our charity of choice, Nightsafe has benefitted from our services from sanitising the night shelter to cleaning the outside communal areas.

“All of our staff are retired police officers”

Giving back to the community is something we believe passionately in and probably stems from our police roots. All of our staff are retired police officers. This is our USP and gives our clients absolute peace of mind especially in an industry that doesn’t always have the best pedigree in terms of honesty and integrity. Hoze-It aim to change this perception.

Our application to become a Community Interest Company has been submitted and we are hoping to launch Hoze-It Projects later this year. The aim will be to provide young homeless  people with life skills and opportunities by carrying out work in the community for the benefit of the community similar to the road sign cleaning we carried out in the run up to Christmas last year.

So what whirlwind the last two and half years have been. From humble beginnings to where we find ourselves now as a limited company with staff. Here’s hoping the next two years are just as successful and enjoyable.

Hoze-It are Safe contractor, IPAF and Infection Control accredited and carry full public and employee liability.

Published On: July 30th, 2020
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