Medical Practices recruit highly-skilled Themis Apprentices to cope with added pressures of Covid-19

As the world changes around us due to Covid-19, the dedicated team at Themis at Burnley College have been working closely with medical practices across the region to recruit the motivated, skilled Business Administration Apprentices they need to move forward.

As demand on GP surgeries continues to grow, practice managers have recognised the need to boost their administration teams with Themis Apprentices, bringing energy, the latest skills and knowledge and innovation into the workplace.

Director of Themis Neil Burrows said:

“Themis is constantly forecasting and reacting to the needs of diverse sectors and we are proud to be playing our part in helping the healthcare sector develop its workforce and make plans to come out of Covid-19 stronger and more resilient through the recruitment of our Apprentices. 

“In recent months we have been in prime position to help GP surgeries recruit the highly-skilled, committed and motivated business administration staff they need to ensure they have the processes in place, the efficiency and the confidence to safeguard the community’s health during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We have supported them to recruit exceptional Business Administration Apprentices who have fitted seamlessly into their existing teams and really made a difference. And, as news of the success of our Themis Apprentices has spread within this sector, more and more GP surgeries have been approaching us to find their next Themis Apprentice.”

One such practice is Prestige Medical Group (Parkside, Burnley,) which now has six Themis Advanced Business Administration Apprentices, all with additional qualifications they gained through a specialist online medical terminology course.

Ciara Fleming (20), from Bacup, a former pupil at Whitworth Community High School, joined the Prestige Medical Group  in March and is already proving to be a real asset to the business.  She said:

“I’m thoroughly enjoying my role – although it has been a challenge going into lockdown so soon after I started! I decided a Themis Apprenticeship was the ideal progression route for me after I completed my Vocational studies in Health and Social Care, as I would be able to combine practical skills with academic knowledge in  a healthcare setting. My new role is very busy and there are plenty of opportunities for me to grow and develop my skills within the practise, as well as different pathways open to me as I progress through my apprenticeship.”

Thursby Surgery and Briercliffe Surgery, in Burnley, are two other practices which are now benefitting from the additional skills and knowledge of Themis Apprentices. Rebecca Lord, Thursby Surgery Practice Manager, thanked Themis for their speed in providing her with two top-class Apprenticeship candidates for a recent position – and was so impressed by the calibre she offered both positions as a result – and is hoping to recruit more in future.

Neil Burrows added:

“Many excellent students finishing their Vocational Business courses at College or Sixth Form this time are currently planning to kickstart their successful careers with an Advanced Apprenticeship in Business Administration – in the healthcare sector or a variety of other industries. They are really strong candidates, with exceptional knowledge of their subject, motivation and determination to be the very best and it is great to see them taking these skills and knowledge into the workplace and making a difference.

“We know that these medical practices will nurture and develop these amazing Themis Apprentices still further, alongside the expert training they receive from Themis, and we are looking forward to seeing them progress in their careers and take on the leadership roles for which they are destined.

The business landscape is changing due to Covid-19 and highly-skilled, motivated Apprentices have crucial roles to play in a variety of industries going forward, helping them adapt to new working practices, diversify and innovate through the very latest skills and knowledge. Talk to one of our experienced, supportive Themis advisors about how a Themis Apprentice or additional training can help your business post-Covid-19. Email or call 01282 733005.