BizSpace, are a workspace provider to businesses of all sizes. While our usual customer-base is small businesses, since the pandemic began, we’ve noticed many larger businesses looking for new workspace requirements.

💸 Saving money – businesses are now looking for regional workspace to lower their rent, overheads and expenses in comparison to what they pay in city centres

🧘‍♀️ More freedom and flexibility – need for more flexible space rather than traditional leasing, allowing businesses to upscale, downsize and move on short notice

🔜 More space for social distancing – many businesses are looking to branch out on short notice and take more space for their employees, but don’t want working safely now to equal getting tied up in long-term contracts

🚗 Cutting commute time – to avoid the virus, many professionals now want to avoid public transport and long journeys, so are looking for workspace closer to home

🌍 Helping the planet – we’ve seen the environment improve while we worked from home, and companies are looking to elevate their green policies with less employee travel and emission rates

BizSpace can help local businesses with all of the above workspace requirements.

We have:

  • Typically lower rent and overheads than city workspaces
  • 105 regional sites, so our customers are never too far from home
  • Flexibility with 3-month rolling contracts
  • Freedom to upscale or downsize space on short notice
  • A real sense of community within our centres that allows businesses to network with their neighbours

We look forward to hearing from you to discuss how we can work together, providing a first class service to businesses of all sizes in our area looking for regional space. For more information contact

Published On: July 30th, 2020