East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce would like to provide you with our top tips for creating export documentation whilst home working

  1. If you are home working, in the first instance contact East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce, then we can put together a support package specifically designed for you.
  2. Communicate with your overseas customer, discuss what documents are required for them to import your goods. After all nobody would know better than your customer.
  3. Check country requirements on East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce website, and ensure you understand the instructions on completing export documentation.
  4. Never leave organising your documents to the last minute, factor in enough time for completion, submission and certification, especially Arab documents as some embassies are closed or on reduced hours due to the current climate.
  5. Classify your goods to obtain the correct commodity code. Online training is available to gain a better understanding on how to classify your goods and the implications of getting it wrong, visit our website for further information.
  6. All goods which are not manufactured by the exporter must have a long term supplier declaration – approved long term supplier templates can be downloaded from the East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce website.
  7. Do not over complicate documents.
  8. If you are working from home and finding it increasingly difficult to continue as normal, then we can take the stress out of completing your export documentation as we can prepare, print, certify and return to you.

And finally, don’t forget your certification team are always on hand to help, especially if you have a new overseas customer or are exporting a new product for the first time, please contact Marie White to discuss further on 07557904345 or email m.white@chamberelancs.co.uk

Published On: June 2nd, 2020