East Lancashire Chamber #DiamondAmbassador What More UK Ltd are answering the call for plastics businesses to adapt their processes and assist in the supply of urgently needed PPE for the NHS and the care sector.

Here they tell their story;

We are proud to announce that as a leading UK Manufacturer, as of Tuesday 14th April we commenced the production of medical face visor individual parts in support of the emergency services who are in great need for such crucial safety protection.

This venture was born in collaboration with one of our specialist tool makers: Canteen Smithy Engineering Limited, also a UK Manufacturer who – within a record timeframe of 4 days – designed, engineered and produced the tool mould ready for final production. This demonstrates the strength and expertise of UK Manufacturing at its finest and a response turnaround time, that whilst the whole world is on lockdown, highlights the benefits of our own country’s production capabilities.

We are working with a current capacity of 8,500 visors per day and working to exceed 60,000 per week. We have brought all our resources and expertise within manufacturing to ensure the highest quality and product performance, guaranteeing safety first and foremost.

“Support our nation in any which way we can”
CEO Mr Andy Holt has pledged to support our nation in any which way we can. This is just one part of the continued support we at WhatMore are able to contribute to our nation’s needs & requirements to remain safe, strong and to get through this difficult time together, united.

We would like to highlight to all reading this if you require any production capacity or manufacturing support of key products to support the vital work, care and safety of our front line emergency services in all capacities then please do not hesitate to contact us on WMSupport@whatmoreuk.com

Published On: April 30th, 2020