Our weekly update for Arab Embassies Closures

We are working closely with the embassies overseas to keep our exporters up to date on the temporary closures of embassies which could affect the legalisation of Arab certificates of origin, please see list below.

We can still accept Arab certificates of origin and arrange certification only, and your overseas customer will need to arrange the clearance at customs of the destination country.

Bahrain: Closed until further notice

Iraq: Closed until further notice

Jordan: Closed until further notice

Qatar: Closed until further notice

Saudi Arabia: Closed until further notice

Algeria: Open

Kuwait: Open

Lebanon: Open

Libya: Open

Oman: Open

Tunisia: Open

UAE: Open

Yemen: Open

If you have any queries, please contact Abigail Finlayson on a.finlayson@chamberelancs.co.uk or call 07557 964540

Published On: April 23rd, 2020