A collection of Chamber members are celebrating maximum grades at degree level apprenticeships.

Widely recognised as leading the way in creating the region’s industry leaders of tomorrow, UCB (University Courses Burnley) and Themis at Burnley College are today joining the celebrations of five highly-skilled Degree Apprentices who have recently achieved their BEng (Bachelor of Engineering) qualifications and end-point assessments in their apprenticeships with the highest possible grade.

The five motivated engineers are:
Jake Duthie, from Bacup, who is employed at Pipeline Induction Heat, Burnley
James Holdsworth, from Langho, who is employed at BAE Systems, Warton
Shaun Jefferson, from Nelson, who is employed at Safran Nacelles Ltd, Burnley
Harry Kaye, from Southfield, Burnley, who is employed at RLC Callender, Altham
Aaron Tighe, from Hapton, who is employed at Safran Nacelles Ltd, Burnley

They are now starting to see what gaining a degree-level qualification can do for their careers
Head of Engineering Hannah Cutler said “Huge congratulations to these five exceptionally-talented Degree Apprentices have worked extremely hard over the past few years, dedicated to both their university-level studies, and the companies they work for. They are now starting to see what gaining a degree-level qualification can do for their careers and are already making an impact in the Engineering Industry through their innovation, their motivation and their determination.

“At a time when so many things are on hold due to Covid-19, it is rewarding to have some positive news to share and celebrate the success of these five talented individuals – who truly are the best of the best and will be at the very forefront of developments within the fast-paced engineering sector. They are proof that, with drive and commitment, anything is possible: they are our leaders of tomorrow.”

Travelling across the world on key projects
One of the successful Engineers, Jake Duthie, from Bacup, is already studying for his Masters qualification in Global Subsea Engineering with the University of Aberdeen and in 2019 was winner of the Red Rose Award at the prestigious Sub-36 Awards, recognising the best young talent in the county. A project support engineer who travels across the world on key projects for Burnley firm Pipeline Induction Heat, Jake is also a finalist in the national SEMTA Awards, which acknowledge the UK’s leading engineers, in the Degree Apprentice category.

If you are considering a degree apprenticeship; want to enhance your existing skills and knowledge with a university-level qualification to climb the career ladder or want to do something different – something that will make you stand out from the crowd – contact our specialist advisors on 01282 733333 or email s.services@burnley.ac.uk.

Published On: April 27th, 2020