In a world rocked by the Covid-19 crisis, a Lancashire business is spreading positive news relating to their industry.

The Low Carbon Energy team are using this time to improve the way they communicate with their industry followers and educate the general public with matters related to renewable energy sources and climate change.

“It’s only April, and already 2020 has been a year of unprecedented change” comments Ged Ennis, Managing Director.

“It’s a difficult time for everyone right now, but if anything good is to come of the situation, it’s that it may turn out to be an event that galvanises positive changes to the way we work and live. The UK lockdown has already caused a big drop in air pollution, and with any luck it’s an example of the sort of positive change that could become permanent once we all emerge out the other side of this crisis.”

Four Positive Trends within Solar Power in the UK

In this first instalment, Ged highlights four positive trends within solar power in the UK.

1. The UK is now the world’s 7th largest generator of solar PV

2. Solar power is now cheaper than many fossil fuels

3. Renewables could replace coal by 2030

4. Enough solar energy hits the Earth every hour to meet all of humanity’s power needs for an entire year

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“Once we come out of the other side of this global crisis, we’ll see what kind of world emerges”, concludes Ged.

“Hopefully it’s one that we can all make better, brighter and safer for ourselves, and for future generations – starting with sustainability. Until then, stay safe, and stay inside.”

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