If your business is experiencing a Force Majeure situation in relation to COVID 19 and your supply chains. Your Chamber can help in producing your draft letter and officially authenticating.

These are certificates attesting the existence of force majeure circumstances i.e. circumstances beyond the control of the applicant such as fire, flood, industrial disputes, pandemic etc.

How to apply


  • Email a letter confirming details of the force majeure circumstances and the scope of non-fulfilment of contractual obligations due to these circumstances, signed by the company director, to m.m.white@chamberelancs.co.uk or call 07557 904345
  • This will need to be backed up by documents by the competent authorities or verifiable sources attesting to the existence of the force majeure circumstances (not required if circumstances are related to COVID-19)

View the full notice here.

The Coronavirus pandemic presents businesses with a huge range of challenges. As a Chamber we are working hard to ensure our services help our members and customers meet those challenges. This includes preparing, certifying, printing of export documentation and returned to your specified address. Contact Marie on m.white@chamberelancs.co.uk or call 07557 904345

Published On: April 3rd, 2020