Lancashire Trading Standards would like to make you aware of the following resources.

In 2017 a 15 year old girl from Lancashire, Megan Lee, passed away as a result of suffering an allergic reaction to a takeaway meal. In response to this tragedy, Lancashire Trading Standards service have developed;

  • ‘A Day in the Life of Chloe’ – educational resources to increase awareness of food allergy as a serious and growing health issue and help educate young people about the potentially life-threatening nature of the disease.
  • Resources and information specifically designed to be used with food businesses. ‘Megan’s Story’ has been produced with Megan’s parents, Adam and Gemma Lee, who want to turn their tragic situation into something positive.

“We can’t change our story as much as we would love to. But what we can do is help others by stopping this story happening to someone else’s family.” Gemma Lee

Their powerful short story highlights the need for:

  • People and businesses to take allergies seriously.
  • For people preparing food to understand the consequences of getting this wrong.
  • Food businesses to understand how safe their food is for someone with an allergy.
  • Food businesses to understand what allergens are in the food they produce and be able to tell their customers confidently.
  • Food businesses to understand the risk of cross contamination of allergens.