Our business practices, our habits, and how we use our digital tools affect both our performance and our wellbeing. This impacts on us as individuals, but also on the quality of our work, the people with whom we work, and our business outcomes.

In this complimentary 90 minute workshop, communications consultant Michelle Bondesio will help you to explore:

  1. The impact that culture and environment has on wellbeing and business performance.
  2. The habits and behaviours which are affecting your overall performance and the impact they have on the way you work.
  3. How to create small, simple changes to your existing routines to counteract bad habits and build better ones.

The aim of the Growth Sessions talks and workshops is to support the wellbeing of knowledge workers, creative thinkers, and people working in the digital sphere. Growth Sessions is a platform for raising awareness, sharing tools and exploring ideas which empower you to improve your habits, strengthen your wellbeing, and activate more of your potential, at work and in life.

Booking via Eventbrite is essential for this popular workshop.