I was lucky enough to attend the Chamber’s Unique Women in Business Conference event recently with some fantastic speakers. Listening to the speakers, a couple of key themes emerged, two of which have inspired my first blog; imposter syndrome and legacy.

In a room packed full of amazing, successful business women, the number of nods of recognition I saw when the speaker spoke about a feeling of “waiting to be found out” was overwhelming. Every time we experience imposter syndrome, all of the blood, sweat and tears shed to get us all to this point are suddenly forgotten along with our experience, ability and qualifications. Research shows that up to 70% of women will feel like they don’t deserve to be where they are in their careers.

What can lead us to feeling like we don’t deserve success can be misplaced guilt and lack of confidence but, when we start to think about Legacy, I believe we can allow ourselves to be successful, believe in it and dare I say it, permission even, to celebrate our achievements.

Legacy can be described as being what we leave to the people following in our career footsteps in organisations and also, to our families. This really made me think about my own thought processes. What is the impression I leave? How does what I do influence others? When I have a moment of self-doubt and let it show, what impact does that have on the people I would like to be a role model to?

The more that you mull this over, the more that you will realise that we can allow ourselves to be successful and to celebrate our successes, because if we don’t, what will be the legacy we leave?

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