The British Chambers of Commerce held its annual conference on Thursday, March 8th at the QE2 Conference Centre. Businesses from across the country came to hear from both the Government and the Opposition politicians about their plans for the future and from business  leaders who outlined what business and the economy needed.

Francis Martin, President of the British Chambers of Commerce, welcomed guests to the British Chambers of Commerce’s Annual Conference.

In his opening address he told guests:

“The British Chambers of Commerce sits at the apex of a Network of individual businesses, each with their own diverse membership bases, in every region and nation of the United Kingdom. 52 amazing business communities, bound by a shared mission to connect businesses through membership, champion places, promote trade, and to speak up for the businesses we represent.”

You can read his full speech here

Dr Adam Marshall, Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce used his keynote speech to call on the government not to let Brexit overshadow all the issues in the domestic environment that need urgent attention to boost confidence, improve productivity and create jobs.

He called on the Government to act now saying

“Here, today, our business communities demand that Westminster do its part. It’s time for radical action to fix the fundamentals here at home. It’s time for a stronger, more full-throated defence of private enterprise and wealth creation. And it’s high time for a bigger, more optimistic vision for the future of the United Kingdom.”

You can read his full speech here.