Are you interested in the UK’s global position? Then contribute to the inquiry into the future of UK foreign policy and its influence in a rapidly changing world.

The 21st century has seen radical changes to the international landscape, such as the rise of digital networks and their major impact on geopolitics.

In response to these challenges the House of Lords International Relations Committee has launched an inquiry into UK foreign policy in changed world conditions. The committee want to know what you think successful foreign policy looks like.

How you can help

The International Relations Committee would like to hear your thoughts on these areas:

  • How should the UK develop its portfolio of engagements with global institutions and networks?
  • What impact has technology had on global affairs, both economic and political?
  • What are the opportunities new digital technologies present to the UK?
  • How should the UK’s international policies adapt to changing global conditions?
  • Accepting there is a new fluidity to international affairs, who ought to be the UK’s closest bilateral partners?
  • How should the UK position itself in relation to emerging powers?
  • Does the UK government have the skills and capability to build and maintain the necessary relationships to thrive in the new global context?
  • What challenges are arising for the multilateral institutions, such as the UN, that underpin the international rules based order?
  • How, if at all, should the UK respond to these?

Your answers do not have to be long and they don’t need to cover all the questions.

More information can be found here

For further information please contact Stephanie Warrington on 01254 356473 or