Laurie Thomas, Managing Director, Vision Support Services, a leading supplier and distributor of luxury, specialist and performance textiles to global hospitality, retail, healthcare and commercial laundry sectors gives us some of their top tips for exporting:

  • Ensure you do your homework properly – preparation is everything.
  • To win business, you have to win the trust of the people you do business with.
  • Winning awards and recognition gets you entry into other markets – the UK is well thought of across the world.
  • Experience – buyers like to know how many times you’ve done these projects before and how you’ve handled issues.
  • Analyse your efforts – you need to understand why you are more successful in some areas rather than others.
  • Avoid the scatter gun approach – you need to understand different markets and focus on a few first.
  • Use local people who speak the local language – we use local people in China, India and Pakistan.
  • Have an ‘Anti-Corruption Policy’ – many places trade differently to the UK.
  • Trade shows are generally less effective in Europe than further afield.
  • Be good at how you present yourself and put yourself out there.

Laurie cites doing your homework properly and being fully prepared is key to exporting success. A crucial part of this preparation for any serious manufacturer contemplating exporting is to join the International Trade Club. To ensure you have done your homework and are fully prepared click here for joining details.

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