What is this notice about?

This notice explains, in general terms:

  • how official customs seals are used and how to recognize them
  • how authorised traders can use their own seals in place of official customs seals

Who should read this notice?

This notice is intended for:

  • anyone whose work involves the use and inspection of seals applied for customs purposes
  • traders who wish to use their own seals in place of official seals

What is an official customs seal?

This is an indicative seal that a customs officer may apply to identify goods under customs control. It may be applied in addition to a trader’s commercial seal. If, in the UK, you receive goods secured by an official customs seal you must inform your local HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) control office as soon as they arrive. Unless you are an authorised consignee you must not remove an official seal without prior approval from customs. Interference with, or unauthorised breakage or removal of, an official seal is an offence under customs and community law. It is important therefore that you are able to recognise these seals.

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