After years of applying wide-ranging sanctions, the international community is re-engaging with Iran following a nuclear deal in 2015. As a result of the deal reached between the E3+3 (France, Germany, UK, China, Russia and USA) and Iran, some nuclear-related and other financial and economic sanctions were lifted in January 2016. For Iran, this is a vital part of its re-integration into the international community.

As such the relevance of the Iran List, which provides information for exporters about certain entities, companies and organisations in Iran, has decreased and has been withdrawn.

The Iran List was published by the Export Control Organisation (ECO) to help exporters make informed decisions about whether their exports might potentially be of concern on end-use grounds. This is where an export licence is required for goods not normally subject to control because the exporter is aware, or has been informed by the UK Government, that there is concern about diversion to a Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) programme.

The list, which identified a range of entities, companies and organisations in Iran, was published to help exporters judge whether their exports might potentially be of concern on end-use grounds, based on ECO’s previous decisions about exports.

What does this mean for exporters?

If exporters have concerns about end users in Iran or other countries they can make use of the end user advice service, which can be accessed via the SPIRE export licensing system. You can also read more about WMD end-use controls.

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