Employability & Skills

A skilled workforce is fundamental to every successful business, and growing the workforce is crucial for economic growth and international competitiveness. Our members recognise the importance of investing in skills and training, even when times are financially hard. A lack of appropriate skills within the labour pool is inhibiting growth. East Lancashire has challenges at the opposite ends of the age spectrum: youth unemployment is high but the demographic of higher level skills is in the approaching-retirement generation.

Our employers tell us that there fundamental requirement of young people entering the workforce for the first time is ‘aptitude’ and ‘attitude’. Their expectation, not unreasonably – but often not met – is that the education system will produce educated young people, especially in maths and English; employers do not expect to have to carry out remedial work. With these attributes and basics in place, most members state that they can train individuals with the skills necessary for their type of work.

It is therefore our aim to engage widely with schools, colleges, further education, higher education, training providers and the funding agencies to help make the workforce of the future ‘work-ready’.