Economy and Quarterly Economic Survey

Developments in recent years have placed the economy firmly back on the agenda. Stable rates of inflation, a benign world economy and steady growth led many to take the economy for granted. The credit crunch and ensuing recession created an incredibly difficult environment for business, and the enormity of rebalancing the economy and reducing the national debt makes liberating enterprise all the more necessary but difficult.

East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce is committed to ensuring that the needs of business are at the forefront of decision makers’ and Ministers’ considerations as they formulate policy.

The British Chambers’ Quarterly Economic Survey is widely regarded as the most informative and influential input to the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee and the Treasury. It provides the unequalled combination of proven report on the trends in the national economy, while being significant enough at each local level to provide the nuances and variations that have to be understood for monetary policy to be universally effective. East Lancashire routinely provides one of the largest responses in the UK and has a vibrant Bank of England Panel that meets with the NW Agents quarterly. To express interest in joining the panel email [email protected]


Through our unique Business Burdens’ Barometer, we hold Government to account for the cost to business and impact of regulations. However our work is not done, as unnecessary red tape and regulation still cost the economy billions of pounds per annum. We are always on the prowl for examples of cumbersome or unnecessary impositions on business. Email [email protected]