These are short overseas business trips for First-Time Exporters* from UK Trade & Investment (UKTI), designed to increase your understanding on how to sell your goods or services in international markets.

  • Information on the range of UKTI services available to you to support your international business plans
  • Access to our UK and overseas network and advice on how they are able to work with you to support your international aims and objectives
  • Guidance on how to approach selling to an overseas market, including cultural and linguistic considerations and international market guides
  • Introductions to UK businesses successful in trading in the market that you visit, and additional information on businesses that have been successful in expanding internationally with UKTI’s support. Plus, get the opportunity to:
  • Learn from one another as you embark on your international journey
  • Meet overseas UKTI specialists on a one-to-one basis who have knowledge and experience of supporting businesses in your industry sector
  • Attend a networking reception with our customers and colleagues involved in international business in the market that you visit. Event dates and market visits 29 September – 1 October 2015 Republic of Ireland (Dublin) 6-8 October 2015 Emerging Europe (Warsaw) 23-25 November 2015 Nordics and Baltics (Riga) 18-21 January 2016 Iberia (Lisbon and Madrid) 16-18 February 2016 Benelux (The Hague)

Event Dates and Market Visits

23-25 November, 2015 Nordics and Baltics (Riga)

18-21 January, 2016 Iberia (Lisbon and Madrid)

16 18 February, 2016 Benelux (The hague)

For more information please contact Stephanie Warrington on 01254 356473 or [email protected]