• Don’t assume you don’t have any IP: All businesses, regardless of size or industry, own or use IP assets.
  • Research your ideas: Find out if your invention, name or design is already available or being used. It could save you time and money in future.
  • Learn more about IP: Before applying, gain a basic knowledge of IP to ensure you’re getting the best protection. The Intellectual Property Office’s free online tool, IP Equip, can help www.ipo.gov.uk/equip.
  • Realise it’s worth: IP is a highly valuable asset. It could account for over 70% of your business’ value.
  • Keep things confidential: New innovations should be kept out of the public domain until you have the protection required. Early disclosure could invalidate a patent application.
  • Trade mark your name: Registered trade marks offer many benefits. Besides protecting your company name/logo, you can sell, franchise or licence your mark.
  • Know who owns your copyright: Be aware that third parties creating materials for your business will own the copyright unless you put a contract in place to transfer it.
  • Embed it in your contracts: Clearly state in employee contracts that all IP created is owned by the company, not the employee.
  • Don’t put off protecting your IP: Register early to secure protection. Even after a year or two, it may be too late.
  • Consult an IP professional: If you’re new to IP or have doubts or questions, it’s advisable to seek help from an IP professional.

For further information about IP please visit: www.gov.uk/ipo

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