According to UK and European manufacturers’ organisation, EEF, manufacturing in the UK is on the rise with the industry employing over 2.6 million people – a number which is growing. British-made products now make up more than half of all UK exports making Great Britain the world’s tenth largest exporting country, and to support the blossoming manufacturing sector, an independent organisation run by manufacturers for manufacturers has been created.

The Made in Britain campaign, which launched as an independent, member-funded, not for profit organisation in December 2013, aims to establish a standardised country of origin logo in the form of the Made in Britain marque. The marque takes inspiration from the Union Flag and works as a directional device as well as a logo in its own right and has been designed to work across a range of media, materials and sizes to ensure it can be used by manufacturers from a wide range of sectors. It has also been designed to be localised by county or region.

A need for clear country of origin labelling was established in consumer research undertaken in 2011 by British cooking appliance manufacturer Stoves. The research showed that 48 percent of Brits were confused about brands they perceived as ‘British’ but who actually manufactured their goods overseas – 67% said they would welcome a ‘seal of approval’ for British-made goods.

As well as providing consumers with confidence that the products they buy are made in the UK, members have also found that marking their products ‘made in Britain’ can have benefits when it comes to exports. In 2012 Stoves, was awarded with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the International Trade category after overseas sales of its cooking brands, including the Stoves brand, increased by 880%. This success was attributed to actively marketing and labelling its cooking appliances as ‘made in Britain’, highlighting the quality of build and the rich heritage of its cooking brands.

The Made in Britain campaign now has over 400 members representing sectors as diverse as medical appliances, musical instruments and equipment, industrial engineering equipment and home appliance manufacturers. For more information about the Made in Britain campaign, please see

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