International Support

The Chamber provides a range of business support services for the business community, with specific emphasis on tapping in to new markets, increasing sales and reducing costs. Your International Trade Team at the Chamber has extensive and successful experience over many years to support and raise the international competiveness of your business.

The Chamber made it happen

Hear from a local business how the Chamber secured a £100k grant for their business. Ken Shackleton, MD of The Cardboard Box Company, tells us about his experience in this video

We offer a wide range of key support services to Lancashire companies, all delivered by experienced international trade practitioners, to guide and assist businesses to become more international competitive, professional and successful. We are geared to understanding the needs of all businesses, from sole trader to multinational organisations and tailor support services to individual needs.

It has been so valuable to learn from professionals who have practical knowledge of the business world and are passionate about imparting their knowledge to aspiring entrepreneurs. The knowledge and expertise I have gained on the area of international trade will hopefully greatly reduce mistakes that would have cost my company money or even its survival”.

Paulo Farinha, Polemik-Lux.

For more information please contact Steph Heywood on 01254 356454 or [email protected]