The need to acquire and update international trade skills to compete in this rapidly evolving globalized world is both essential and urgent! The Chamber’s International Business Training team have a variety of courses, seminars and events which can be specifically tailored to suit your needs.

Here you will find courses covering a wide range of topics that are essential to businesses that trade overseas including quoting and selling internationally, understanding and completing export documentation, managing and operating letters of credit, why and how to use Incoterms and legislation of HM Revenue and Customs.

All our courses can be delivered in-house or customised to suit your business needs.

I found the training interesting and useful, and the quality of teaching was very high. The lecturer was extremely knowledgeable and approachable, and was able to engage with all of the participants in a friendly and effective way. I came to the training knowing very little about international trade and I left feeling confident and enthusiastic about venturing down this avenue.”

Mark Howarth, M A Howarth Ltd.

Below is a list of our International Trade courses:

Date Course
21 September 2017 Export Sales E-commerce Book Online
25 September 2017 Export Sales Diploma – 5 days Book Online
10 October 2017 Importing Basics Book Online
11 October 2017 Exporting Services Book Online
12 October 2017 Exporting Basics Book Online
17 October 2017 Practical Importing Book Online
18 October 2017 Trade Preference And Agreements Book Online
19 October 2017 Practical Exporting Book Online
24 October 2017 Overseas Payments Book Online
25 October 2017 Incoterms 2010 Rules Book Online
26 October 2017 Completing Export Documentation Book Online
26 October 2017 Dealing with Agents and Distributors Book Online
07 November 2017 Grow your Exports Book Online
08 November 2017 Finding International Customers Book Online
09 November 2017 Selling Tips and Negotiating Skills Book Online
16 November 2017 Online Export Documentation Book Online
21 November 2017 Export Sales Certificate – 4 days Book Online
21 November 2017 Export Sales Foundation – 2 days Book Online

For further information contact Stephanie Warrington:  [email protected]  /  01254 356473