Notice 827 explains how you, as an exporter, can help your customers in some countries to import your goods more cheaply under ‘preference’. Many of these countries are listed below:

  • Pan-Euro Mediterranean countries of:
  • Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia (Maghreb group)
  • Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria (Mashraq group)
  • Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechenstein European Free Trade Association (EFTA)
  • Faroe Islands
  • West Bank Gaza
  • Israel
  • Turkey (for agricultural and coal and steel products only – all other products are covered by Customs Union arrangements between the EU and Turkey) and many more.

The rules in Notice 827 are reciprocal, that is, they will also apply to goods being imported into the EU under preference.

The rules of origin are shown in Notices 828, 830, 832 and the South Korea guide.

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