As well as considering the activities that remain prohibited under sanction, or will require a license as detailed in the FAQ’s about doing business with Iran you will also need to:

  • Check UK guidance for financial sanctions in place due to nuclear proliferation concerns.
  • Also check UK guidance for financial sanctions in place due to human rights concerns.
  • Check the HM Treasury “Consolidated list of targets” to search for all Iranian individuals and entities across the financial sanction regimes.
  • Even if your products or services are not listed specifically in the sanctions regulations, you may still need a licence under so-called ‘catch-all’ or ‘end-use’ controls. This imposes licensing requirements where there is potential for use in Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) programmes or for military purposes. More detail can be found at the ‘Sanctions-on-Iran’ link below.
  • Consult the Iran List for organisations in Iran of potential WMD concern. If you have any concerns about exporting to an end user in Iran, you should consider seeking advice from the ECO End User Advice Service on SPIRE.
  • See comprehensive information on trading with Iran and the requirements for a licence

For more information about trading with Iran please contact Stephanie Warrington on [email protected] or 01254 356473