Business Start-Up

New Enterprise Allowance

Sponsored by the Department of Work & Pensions (DWP) and operating in conjunction with Cumbria and N&W Lancashire Chambers, the New Enterprise Allowance Scheme (NEA) helps support the unemployed who wish to start their own businesses.

This is done through a mentoring process whereby clients are matched with a business mentor, in order to draw up a sound business plan and cash flow forecast. Once approved this enables the applicant to take those first vital steps into business without immediately prejudicing their benefits.

The scheme has had an encouraging level of take up and a high conversion rate. Over 500 new businesses have been successfully launched in just 18 months in East Lancashire – helping reinforce the enterprise credentials of the area.

For anyone who is currently registered as unemployed and wishes to start a business, the New Enterprise Allowance Scheme can provide

  • Protected benefits for up to 8 weeks and an Allowance during early stages of trading
  • A mentor with manufacturing expertise

Contact: [email protected]